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Open school 10th Admission - Another Chance to Complete education

Open School Admission

Open School
Parents enlist their wards into Schools with so many hopes that their son or daughter will become a learned person, to come up in life. Students also study in Schools with many dreams about their future life. Dr. Seuss advises Students saying, “The more that you read, the more things you shall know, the more you learn, the more places you will go.”
A learned person can enjoy unlimited opportunities in life to make it a happy one and respected by all, parents, relatives, and friends included. They can win any situation using their knowledge, learned by studies. Yet the learning can begin only after they cross the very first milestone – the Secondary School Leaving Course – namely 10th Standard.
Many Students suffer from dejection, when they are unable to reach this particular milestone, for various reasons. They might be compelled to drop out of school; or unsuccessful in lower classes, which prevents them from studying in 10th Standard.
However, they need not fall into utter gloom now, since there are many ways open for them in our present Educational System, for High School Students. Open School Admission is this another hope. Open school 10th Admission means the Student, irrespective of his previous unsuccessful attempts, or inability to continue schooling can get admitted directly to 10th Standard – courtesy by Open School 10th Admission.
Open school 10th admission

The Government of India is keen on ensuring that no student is left without proper opportunities, to continue his studies till reaching the minimum 10th Standard. So they have devised the ambitious plan of Open Schooling, for such desperate Students and encourage them to join 10th Standard, study the Subjects prescribed under Central Board of Secondary Education, appear for Exam and pass the Course.
To make studying still easier for those, who are desirous of finishing their Final School Courses, and yet secured employment elsewhere, to earn their livelihood. Even these persons are offered Open SchoolAdmission and are permitted to study at home, through Correspondence Course.
This facility enables these persons to earn and, at the same time, a study in 10th Standard and go up in life after passing the Course. These persons will be delighted that they got the opportunity to study at School, which was denied to them earlier. This feeling will motivate them to consider the Lessons well so that the rare chance obtained should never be lost.
By making use of Open School 10th Admission, many persons have fulfilled their objectives in life. They are thankful for this rare opportunity as “God Given.”

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Nios Admission Make it easy to pass School Final Courses.

Nios Admission in Delhi

Nios admission

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Nios Admission Make it easy to pass School Final Courses

Yes – it is true. Whatever is your previous qualification, or you did not go to regular school at all. Now you can join Nios Delhi admission, study the Course. Work hard and Pass to obtain the Certificate for class 10th or class 12th in your hand.
The great Tamil Saint Thiruvalluvar has said that “those who have two eyes on their face are only the educated lot; others are regarded as persons with only “two wounds.” By this saying, he means those uneducated persons are just creatures and not humans. 
In our society, only those who have studied at least up to School Final are considered as “Educated.” So it is essential for anyone to Pass the School Final Courses Secondary and senior secondary, to get social respect and from friends and relatives.
Previously if you did not have that opportunity to study – don’t worry. Here is Nios Admission to help you with a splendid opportunity. Even if you are employed somewhere for your living, but wish to Complete school education, this desire can also be fulfilled, by studying at home, after joining Nios. 

What is NIOS?

National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS) is an Educational Board, formulated by the Government of India in 1989. It conducts Public Exams every year for Secondary and Higher Secondary Courses. The quality of education imparted by NIOS is at par with world standards. Therefore the Certificates issued by NIOS are regarded high by all Institutions in India.
The aim of the NIOS Board is to provide School Education to all the Indian Students. As such, the eligibility aspect has been made wide open for all.

Eligibility for Nios 10th admission: 

If you have passed 8th Standard, unsuccessful in 9th Standard, or studied privately at home till 9th Standard, or just 14 years of age completed, you can get admission in 10th Standard directly. This is the way for your getting Nios secondary admission, and getting the Secondary School Leaving Certificate.

Nios Online admission

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Also, students without any formal education can apply for Nios 10th admission on the basis of Birth certificate or with Aadhar card with complete date of birth with a self-declaration certificate.

Eligibility for Nios 12th admission:

Those who have passed 10th Standard, or unsuccessful in 11th Standard can get Nios 12th admission. After getting this admission, you can be happy that you have got Nios senior secondary Admission and can be sure of obtaining a Higher Secondary Certificate. This Certificate is the passport for you, to study further in Colleges or Universities, and become a Doctor, Engineer, or a Scientist, as you wish. 

How to get NIOS Admission?

Nios Admission in any course either for 10th class or 12th class is an online Process. Students can apply for admission with Nios online admission. Every Student must get themselves registered at the Nios online portal. Here the students, while applying online, can select the subjects of their choice. A complete list of Nios 12th Subjects and Nios 12th subjects is available on Portal. After filling all the information, Students can check the Nios fees details for class 10th and class 12th.

Nios subjects list and Nios syllabus

Nios offers many subjects to students who make it easy for students to Pass the Nios board exams. Like CBSE board, students don't need to study problematic subjects like Mathematics, Science, and Social science. They can choose the easy Nios subject and can pass the 10th class course from Nios board. For Nios 12th class all the three streams Arts, Commerce, and Science are available, and Students can choose the Subjects of their Interest. Although the Nios syllabus for class 10th and class 12th is similar to CBSE and other state boards in India. Nios examination level is excellent and very easy. Students can download Nios Study material books and Nios question paper from Nios web site. Students who studied well can score good marks in Nios board exams for class 10th and class 12th.

Nios Admission - A Solution to the school dropout Students

NIOS ADMISSION 2023-2024 for Classes 10th 12th The Schooling system remained the same for a long time. The student should join in Elementary...