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Open school Class 10th 12th Admission form 2022-2023 last date

10th 12th Open School Form last date 2022-2023

Open School Form 10th 12th

When a new baby arrives in the family, the parents and relatives feel thrilled in this world. They dream that their ward will become a respectable citizen and form a future of his own. They make it an obsession in life. This dream can be fulfilled only by getting an Education. 

Plato, the Great Scholar of Greece, has these golden words to offer to the world – “The direction in which education begins a man will determine his future in life.”

It means every man’s goal in life can be achieved, only to the extent to which he gets educated himself. If that man wants to become a Scholar or a Wizard, to be admired by everyone around him, this is also possible if he acquires lots of wisdom, knowledge, and skills in various fields of life.

But the starting point for all this accomplishment of great dreams is, the person should first cross the milestone of Passing the Higher Secondary Course and senior secondary courses, namely the 10th Standard and 12th Standard. Whatever future studies he wishes to undertake will take shape from this starting point.

For crossing this significant hurdle in life, everyone should undergo the regular system of Schooling – from Elementary School, studying from 1st class and going to every class till 9th Standard. After passing 9th Standard only, the student will be allowed to sit in the Classroom of 10th Standard. 

By qualifying for the Final Exam, the student can get the Secondary Grade Certificate. It is the only gateway for further studies for the student.

While millions of Students regularly cross this normal pathway laid for them, thousands of students drop out of school every Academic Year before passing class 10th or After Passing class 10th. It puts a full-stop to their Studies. No chance exists for them to join another school and study 10th or 12th Standard.

Open school form 10th 12th last date

Open School Board 

The Indian Government is aware of this pathetic situation. They cannot allow such a drastic situation to continue. The aim of the Government is for every student in India should get Education without any hurdles, difficulties, or disparities.

So they have formulated an Education System, namely “Open School.” As the name suggests, this is a School open for every student to study and pass 10th or 12th Standard privately and obtain the Certificate. After that, they can individually choose their life path.

The Indian Government has formulated the National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS) to fulfil this objective. This Education Board runs the Open Schools to offer Secondary and Higher Secondary Courses. 

Candidates with no formal education earlier and who have completed 14 years of age can study 10th Standard through this Open school admission 10th. Students applying for 10th Open school must check the 10th Open form last date 2022 to avoid late fees and timly registration.

Other School dropouts, those who passed 8th class, unsuccessful in 9th Standard from other Schools, can also join 10th Standard. The Open School Admission process is done online. Students can study by Correspondence Mode, appear for Exam and Pass.

Students who Passed class 10th and left the school can apply for Open school 12th Admission and complete their school education. All the streams of  Arts, Commerce and Science study are available for Students. Students must check the 12th Open form last date 2022.

There are experienced experts in Educational Institutions in Delhi that are ready to help these aspiring Candidates. Once these Candidates approach them, either online or by phone, they can get complete help for getting Open school admission 10th or 12th.

The Institution helps in admission and conducts Special Nios Coaching Classes running in Delhi at convenient mornings, evenings, and holidays. 

They provide individual attention to every student, in sharpening their skills in every Subject of Study. It makes passing the 10th Standard straightforward to get the Secondary School Leaving Certificate in hand.

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