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Nios Admission - A Solution to the school dropout Students

NIOS ADMISSION 2023-2024 for Classes 10th 12th


The Schooling system remained the same for a long time. The student should join in Elementary School first. Then he will get promoted to higher Classes. This way, he will reach 12th Class. It was the end of Schooling. For further studies, he has to go to College. Many Students stopped Schooling due to the lower income or schools are not easily accessible or available. The reasons behind dropping out the school are different for different students. Some students leave school voluntarily, and some leave it due to the illiteracy of their parents. Some parents do not send the girl child to school as they think it is unsafe to send girls, and there are No proper school facilities for girls and No female teachers in the school. School dropout is a problem in all the countries of the world. 

Considering the school dropout rate problem in India, the Government of India suggested a new System of Education. It is called Open Schooling. In short, taking Education outside the Regular Schools is the idea. The Government formed a Committee of wise people. They were requested to suggest how to implement the new System. Accordingly, the Committee analyzed the difficulties and obstacles learners face. They were removed, and learning was made easier in the Open Schooling System.

The main idea was to spread literacy to every citizen of India. If the hurdles in getting Education are removed, a more significant number of learners will get educated.

Therefore, another parallel education board is set us by the Indian Government, the National Institute of Open Schooling, with the famous name Nios board. It is an educational board run by the Ministry of Human resources management, and the Class 10th and 12th certificates issued by this Board have equal value with the CBSE board and other state boards. Here the Students can apply for Nios Admission for class 10th secondary school courses and Class 12th for senior secondary studies.

What is NIOS the National Institute of Open Schooling

The Central Government formed an Educational Board per the Committee's Recommendations. Its name is "The National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS)."

This Board provides opportunities for everyone to study Educational Courses, namely – The secondary Education Course, which is the 10th Class, and Senior Secondary Education Course, which is the 12th Class.

In this Open Schooling System, NIOS Board adheres to the CBSE Syllabus. The same and similar quality of Education is imparted to Students joining the NIOS System of Education.

The Certificates issued to Students after they Pass the relevant Examination – in the Secondary Certificate Course (10th Class) or Senior Secondary Certificate Course (12th Class) gets the same Merit. No difference.

NIOS Admission Class 10th

This Study Course in NIOS is known as Stream I. The NIOS Board conducts the Examination for Nios 10th Class and offers the Certificate for Passed Students every Academic Year.

Nios Admission 10th Class Eligibility Criteria

  • You must have completed 14 years of age.
  • You must carry a Certificate for having studied 8th Class in any Recognized Board School from anywhere. A self-attested Certificate is also accepted in place of a School Certificate.
  • If you have not been successful in the 9th Class from any Recognized Board School or dropped out of school during the 9th Class, you are also eligible for Admission to 10th Class.

Aspiring Students with the above Eligibility Criteria can be apply for Nios 10th Class admission.

What is the Admission Process for NIOS Admission?


Admission for all NIOS Courses is carried out Online only. The aspiring Candidate should visit the official Website of the NIOS Board. All the details of Admission are published here as Notifications.

The Candidate should read the Notification and Prospectus carefully. NIOS 10th Admission details are published here, at this site. The Candidate should carefully fill in the Personal Details in the Application Form. It should be noted that the Application may be rejected if there is any mistake or lapse in filling out the Application. The Candidate will lose the chance to get admitted to the NIOS 10th Class Course.

NIOS Admission Class 12th

In the same way as Class 10th, NIOS Board is conducting Exams for the 12th Class also in Stream I. 

Every Academic Year, the Exam is conducted twice in March/April and September/October. Those who have Passed this Examination are given the Senior Secondary Grade Certificate. It is precisely equivalent to the Certificates issued in all other CBSE Schools all over the country. There is no disparity whatsoever for the Students. Those possessing this Certificate can go for Higher Education in Colleges and Universities. They can also join other Technical Courses as they wish; with the Technical Qualification, they can secure a Career desired by them.

Nios 12th admission Eligibility Criteria

  • The Candidate should be of 15 years of age completed.
  • The Candidate should have Passed 10th Class from NIOS Board or any other Recognized Board High School. The school can be anywhere in India.
  • Those who studied 11th Class and were unsuccessful or left the school are also eligible to be admitted to the 12th Class.

What is the Admission Process for NIOS Admission in Class 12th?

The Admission Process for Class 12th in NIOS Board is the same as in the 10th Class explained above.

The Official Notification will notify the Online Nios 12th Admission is published by NIOS Board on the official Website. Aspiring Candidates should be watchful to see the concerned Notification.

The Application is an online form on the Nios website. The Personal Details asked for therein should be filled in with due care. If there are any mistakes in the online Application Form, it will be rejected. The Candidate will lose the chance to get admitted in that Academic Year.

Filled-up Application Forms, together with the required Proofs like Aadhar Card, Eligibility Certificates, etc., should be Uploaded on the student portal to the Application. The Last Date of the Application is the most important. The Candidates should ensure that the filled-up Application must be submitted before that date. The Application must be submitted Online.

 If the Application is accepted, a Nios Identity Card will be sent from NIOS Board after paying the required Fees. Identity Card indicates that you can join the Course you applied.

NIOS Classes 10th and 12th


NIOS Board is controlled by the Department of Education and the Government of India. It conducts only Exams twice every Academic Year to enable Candidates to appear for 10th and 12th Class Courses. Nios board Provides Study material and free online classes to students for classes 10th and 12th. 

Benefits of Open Schooling by Nios board

The educated population will understand the aims of the Government, and they can help the Government in this regard. An educated population is an asset for any country. Once the parents are educated, their children will also get educated. The Open Schooling System will help this aim. Through this System, anyone can get Education without going to Regular Schools. They may be employed anywhere and earn their living.

They can systematically learn the Subjects taught in schools without disturbing their employment. They can study the same lessons at home as the Students in a School. They can write the Exams, get good marks and Pass the Exam.

This facility for getting educated will be available for them, at any age they like—people who could not attend school or study until the Higher Classes benefited immensely.

The student's convenience is to be given importance. There should not be any compulsion on them to complete their studies within a particular time.

The Certificates they obtain after studying in this Open School System should be regarded as equal to regular School Courses. 

The following are the essential features of the new Opening Schooling System –

  • Age of the Student – anyone who has completed 14 years can join and study the intended Course.
  •  There should not be any "Classes" to attend, like the Regular Schools. 
  •  There should not be any time frame to complete a particular Course. The student can write the Examination as and when he is ready to do so. It is not necessary to complete the intended Course in one year. The student may take his own time to study Subject by Subject. He can meet the Course in 3 or 4 years also.
  • Examinations for Courses will be conducted by the Board– twice a year. 
  • If he is ready, the student can take the Examination as he wants.  

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Nios Admission - A Solution to the school dropout Students

NIOS ADMISSION 2023-2024 for Classes 10th 12th The Schooling system remained the same for a long time. The student should join in Elementary...