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Nios Admission - A Solution to the school dropout Students

NIOS ADMISSION 2023-2024 for Classes 10th 12th


The Schooling system remained the same for a long time. The student should join in Elementary School first. Then he will get promoted to higher Classes. This way, he will reach 12th Class. It was the end of Schooling. For further studies, he has to go to College. Many Students stopped Schooling due to the lower income or schools are not easily accessible or available. The reasons behind dropping out the school are different for different students. Some students leave school voluntarily, and some leave it due to the illiteracy of their parents. Some parents do not send the girl child to school as they think it is unsafe to send girls, and there are No proper school facilities for girls and No female teachers in the school. School dropout is a problem in all the countries of the world. 

Considering the school dropout rate problem in India, the Government of India suggested a new System of Education. It is called Open Schooling. In short, taking Education outside the Regular Schools is the idea. The Government formed a Committee of wise people. They were requested to suggest how to implement the new System. Accordingly, the Committee analyzed the difficulties and obstacles learners face. They were removed, and learning was made easier in the Open Schooling System.

The main idea was to spread literacy to every citizen of India. If the hurdles in getting Education are removed, a more significant number of learners will get educated.

Therefore, another parallel education board is set us by the Indian Government, the National Institute of Open Schooling, with the famous name Nios board. It is an educational board run by the Ministry of Human resources management, and the Class 10th and 12th certificates issued by this Board have equal value with the CBSE board and other state boards. Here the Students can apply for Nios Admission for class 10th secondary school courses and Class 12th for senior secondary studies.

What is NIOS the National Institute of Open Schooling

The Central Government formed an Educational Board per the Committee's Recommendations. Its name is "The National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS)."

This Board provides opportunities for everyone to study Educational Courses, namely – The secondary Education Course, which is the 10th Class, and Senior Secondary Education Course, which is the 12th Class.

In this Open Schooling System, NIOS Board adheres to the CBSE Syllabus. The same and similar quality of Education is imparted to Students joining the NIOS System of Education.

The Certificates issued to Students after they Pass the relevant Examination – in the Secondary Certificate Course (10th Class) or Senior Secondary Certificate Course (12th Class) gets the same Merit. No difference.

NIOS Admission Class 10th

This Study Course in NIOS is known as Stream I. The NIOS Board conducts the Examination for Nios 10th Class and offers the Certificate for Passed Students every Academic Year.

Nios Admission 10th Class Eligibility Criteria

  • You must have completed 14 years of age.
  • You must carry a Certificate for having studied 8th Class in any Recognized Board School from anywhere. A self-attested Certificate is also accepted in place of a School Certificate.
  • If you have not been successful in the 9th Class from any Recognized Board School or dropped out of school during the 9th Class, you are also eligible for Admission to 10th Class.

Aspiring Students with the above Eligibility Criteria can be apply for Nios 10th Class admission.

What is the Admission Process for NIOS Admission?


Admission for all NIOS Courses is carried out Online only. The aspiring Candidate should visit the official Website of the NIOS Board. All the details of Admission are published here as Notifications.

The Candidate should read the Notification and Prospectus carefully. NIOS 10th Admission details are published here, at this site. The Candidate should carefully fill in the Personal Details in the Application Form. It should be noted that the Application may be rejected if there is any mistake or lapse in filling out the Application. The Candidate will lose the chance to get admitted to the NIOS 10th Class Course.

NIOS Admission Class 12th

In the same way as Class 10th, NIOS Board is conducting Exams for the 12th Class also in Stream I. 

Every Academic Year, the Exam is conducted twice in March/April and September/October. Those who have Passed this Examination are given the Senior Secondary Grade Certificate. It is precisely equivalent to the Certificates issued in all other CBSE Schools all over the country. There is no disparity whatsoever for the Students. Those possessing this Certificate can go for Higher Education in Colleges and Universities. They can also join other Technical Courses as they wish; with the Technical Qualification, they can secure a Career desired by them.

Nios 12th admission Eligibility Criteria

  • The Candidate should be of 15 years of age completed.
  • The Candidate should have Passed 10th Class from NIOS Board or any other Recognized Board High School. The school can be anywhere in India.
  • Those who studied 11th Class and were unsuccessful or left the school are also eligible to be admitted to the 12th Class.

What is the Admission Process for NIOS Admission in Class 12th?

The Admission Process for Class 12th in NIOS Board is the same as in the 10th Class explained above.

The Official Notification will notify the Online Nios 12th Admission is published by NIOS Board on the official Website. Aspiring Candidates should be watchful to see the concerned Notification.

The Application is an online form on the Nios website. The Personal Details asked for therein should be filled in with due care. If there are any mistakes in the online Application Form, it will be rejected. The Candidate will lose the chance to get admitted in that Academic Year.

Filled-up Application Forms, together with the required Proofs like Aadhar Card, Eligibility Certificates, etc., should be Uploaded on the student portal to the Application. The Last Date of the Application is the most important. The Candidates should ensure that the filled-up Application must be submitted before that date. The Application must be submitted Online.

 If the Application is accepted, a Nios Identity Card will be sent from NIOS Board after paying the required Fees. Identity Card indicates that you can join the Course you applied.

NIOS Classes 10th and 12th


NIOS Board is controlled by the Department of Education and the Government of India. It conducts only Exams twice every Academic Year to enable Candidates to appear for 10th and 12th Class Courses. Nios board Provides Study material and free online classes to students for classes 10th and 12th. 

Benefits of Open Schooling by Nios board

The educated population will understand the aims of the Government, and they can help the Government in this regard. An educated population is an asset for any country. Once the parents are educated, their children will also get educated. The Open Schooling System will help this aim. Through this System, anyone can get Education without going to Regular Schools. They may be employed anywhere and earn their living.

They can systematically learn the Subjects taught in schools without disturbing their employment. They can study the same lessons at home as the Students in a School. They can write the Exams, get good marks and Pass the Exam.

This facility for getting educated will be available for them, at any age they like—people who could not attend school or study until the Higher Classes benefited immensely.

The student's convenience is to be given importance. There should not be any compulsion on them to complete their studies within a particular time.

The Certificates they obtain after studying in this Open School System should be regarded as equal to regular School Courses. 

The following are the essential features of the new Opening Schooling System –

  • Age of the Student – anyone who has completed 14 years can join and study the intended Course.
  •  There should not be any "Classes" to attend, like the Regular Schools. 
  •  There should not be any time frame to complete a particular Course. The student can write the Examination as and when he is ready to do so. It is not necessary to complete the intended Course in one year. The student may take his own time to study Subject by Subject. He can meet the Course in 3 or 4 years also.
  • Examinations for Courses will be conducted by the Board– twice a year. 
  • If he is ready, the student can take the Examination as he wants.  

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Open school Class 10th 12th Admission form 2022-2023 last date

10th 12th Open School Form last date 2022-2023

Open School Form 10th 12th

When a new baby arrives in the family, the parents and relatives feel thrilled in this world. They dream that their ward will become a respectable citizen and form a future of his own. They make it an obsession in life. This dream can be fulfilled only by getting an Education. 

Plato, the Great Scholar of Greece, has these golden words to offer to the world – “The direction in which education begins a man will determine his future in life.”

It means every man’s goal in life can be achieved, only to the extent to which he gets educated himself. If that man wants to become a Scholar or a Wizard, to be admired by everyone around him, this is also possible if he acquires lots of wisdom, knowledge, and skills in various fields of life.

But the starting point for all this accomplishment of great dreams is, the person should first cross the milestone of Passing the Higher Secondary Course and senior secondary courses, namely the 10th Standard and 12th Standard. Whatever future studies he wishes to undertake will take shape from this starting point.

For crossing this significant hurdle in life, everyone should undergo the regular system of Schooling – from Elementary School, studying from 1st class and going to every class till 9th Standard. After passing 9th Standard only, the student will be allowed to sit in the Classroom of 10th Standard. 

By qualifying for the Final Exam, the student can get the Secondary Grade Certificate. It is the only gateway for further studies for the student.

While millions of Students regularly cross this normal pathway laid for them, thousands of students drop out of school every Academic Year before passing class 10th or After Passing class 10th. It puts a full-stop to their Studies. No chance exists for them to join another school and study 10th or 12th Standard.

Open school form 10th 12th last date

Open School Board 

The Indian Government is aware of this pathetic situation. They cannot allow such a drastic situation to continue. The aim of the Government is for every student in India should get Education without any hurdles, difficulties, or disparities.

So they have formulated an Education System, namely “Open School.” As the name suggests, this is a School open for every student to study and pass 10th or 12th Standard privately and obtain the Certificate. After that, they can individually choose their life path.

The Indian Government has formulated the National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS) to fulfil this objective. This Education Board runs the Open Schools to offer Secondary and Higher Secondary Courses. 

Candidates with no formal education earlier and who have completed 14 years of age can study 10th Standard through this Open school admission 10th. Students applying for 10th Open school must check the 10th Open form last date 2022 to avoid late fees and timly registration.

Other School dropouts, those who passed 8th class, unsuccessful in 9th Standard from other Schools, can also join 10th Standard. The Open School Admission process is done online. Students can study by Correspondence Mode, appear for Exam and Pass.

Students who Passed class 10th and left the school can apply for Open school 12th Admission and complete their school education. All the streams of  Arts, Commerce and Science study are available for Students. Students must check the 12th Open form last date 2022.

There are experienced experts in Educational Institutions in Delhi that are ready to help these aspiring Candidates. Once these Candidates approach them, either online or by phone, they can get complete help for getting Open school admission 10th or 12th.

The Institution helps in admission and conducts Special Nios Coaching Classes running in Delhi at convenient mornings, evenings, and holidays. 

They provide individual attention to every student, in sharpening their skills in every Subject of Study. It makes passing the 10th Standard straightforward to get the Secondary School Leaving Certificate in hand.

Open School Form 10th 12th Important dates and last date. check details for 10th open form online 2022, 10th open form last date 2022, 10th open form online 2022 last date, 12th open form online 2022, 12th open formlast date 2022, 12th open form online 2022 last date,

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Nios on Demand Exam

Nios on Demand Exma Class 10th 12th Admission 


Nios on Demand exam is a concept of appearing in Board exams for class 10th and 12th when the student is prepared well to write the exam. It is a concept introduced by Nation Open school Nios the National Institute of Open Schooling, for the benefit of students. Nios board Started this idea in 2003; till now, the Nios the National Open school is continuously Improving the working of Nios on Demand exam.

 The narrative idea of the On-Demand exam is an excellent step in the direction of flexibility to open education and distance learning. I created a new Concept of Board exams free of time frame; as a result, the students can appear in exams according to their wishes and Preparations or when they feel ready to write the exams.

 Nios on Demand Exam - Who is eligible to apply

Following is the list of Students who are eligible to apply for the Nios on Demand exam

  • Students who are already registered with the Nios board can appear for Nios on Demand exam after the first public exam from their registration date. All these students can apply and appear only in the subjects they have chosen at the time of Admission, and the subjects must be in the Nios on-demand subjects list given below.
  • Students who cannot qualify in class 10th or 12th board exams from any recognized board in India can also apply for Nios on-demand exam. Only the Nios board in India allows students to appear once again in Board exams in the same year via Nios on Demand exam. For example, if a student Appears in class 10th or class 12th board exams in 2022 and failed, then these fails. Students, after registering for Nios on-demand exam, can once again appear in board exams in 2022.
  • Students who passed class 10th or 12th earlier and now want to apply for additional subjects or subjects can also appear in the Nios board on Demand exam. For example, if a Student pass in class 12th with commerce now wants to join the commercial pilot flying course, they can only apply for Nios on Demand exam for Physics and Maths. After Passing these two subjects, the student is eligible to join the Pilot training Course. 

Nios on Demand exam admission Process for class 10th 12th.

Nios on Demand exam Admission is an online process. Every student who wants to join Nios on-demand course must apply online for Admission on the official website of the Nios board. To apply online, a student should have a valid email ID and a working mobile number for the one-time password (OTP) sent by the Nios board for all future communications. Students must fill all the particulars of the Nios online form with all the correct information. 

Suppose a student is applying for a transfer of credit. In that case, TOC Column must be filled carefully. after filling in the complete information; students have to pay the Admission fees from their debit card, credit card, or online banking.

In case of Transfer of credit, the student has to send the original mark sheet of the Last exam to the Nios regional office. After submitting the original marks sheet, the students can take the benefit of the Transfer of credit.

Nios on Demand exam and the scheme of credit transfer (TOC)


The most Dominant feature of the Nios on Demand exam is the Scheme of credit transfer TOC under which if the students failed in board exams are Passed in one or two subjects. They can take advantage of this scheme, and these pass subjects to a maximum of two subjects are transferred to Nios result. In simple words, if a student fails in the board exam, has passed one or two subjects, and fails in the other three or more. They need not appear again in the exam for pass subjects as Nios allow a maximum of two subjects as credit transfer, and Student must appear in three subjects only.

Nios on Demand Exam subjects List for class 10th and 12th.

Students can check the list of subjects available for the On-Demand exam.

  • Students looking for Nios on Demand exam for class 10th can apply for these Subjects only. The language subjects available for Nios on Demand exam are Hindi (201), English (202), and Sanskrit (209) only. Other Subjects available for Nios on Demand exam are Mathematics (211), Social Science (213), Science & Technology (212), Economics 214), Home Science (216), Business studies (215), Psychology (222), Data Entry Operations (229), Indian Culture & Heritage (223), and Painting (225). For the 10th Nios on Demand exam, every student has to select at least five subjects with a maximum of two languages, including the Subjects applied for TOC, the Transfer of Credit.
  • Students who want to apply for Nios on-demand exam for class 12th can choose from the following subjects list. Language Subjects available for Nios on Demand exam are Hindi (301), English (302), and Sanskrit (309). Other subjects available for Nios on Demand exam are for science Stream Students are Mathematics (311), Chemistry (313), Physics (312), Environmental Science (333), and Biology (314). For Arts stream students, Subjects available are History (315), Political Science, Geography (316), (317), Home Science (321), Psychology (328), Sociology (331), Painting (332, and Data entry Operations (336). Subjects available for Commerce Stream are Economics (318), Business Studies (319), Accountancy (320), and Introduction to Law (338). Here, the students can apply for a Minimum of Five subjects with a maximum of two languages and three other Subjects for arts, commerce, or science stream, including the Subjects used for TOC, the Transfer of Credit. Students can study all the above subjects either in Hindi medium or English medium, and Students can write the exams in both the mediums.

Nios on Demand exam centers 

Nios on Demand exam is conducted by the Nios board mainly at Nios headquarters at Noida and also at all the regional centers all over India. Students Applying for Nios on-demand exam can choose the exam center of their choice and visit the exam center to write the exam on the date applied and allotted. 

Nios on Demand exam registration fees


Nios admission fees for the on-demand exam for class 10th and class 12th are the same. students can check the fees details below

  • The registration fees for Nios on-demand exam for class 10th or class 12th is Rs. 480/ per subject. 
  • Along with registration fees, the students have to pay for the exam and the subjects they want to appear for Nios on Demand exam. This fee is Rs.500 per subject for non-practical Subjects and RS. 620/ for a subject having a Practical exam.
  • If a student is applying for a Transfer of credit, then the per subject fee of credit transfer is Rs. 180/.
  • If a student is changing the subjects, they had studied the earlier then change of subjects fees of Rs. 720/ per subject is also payable.

Nios on Demand exam Result

Nios result of students who appeared in Nios board exam is declared in Last week of next month when the Student appeared for the Nios on-demand exam. Students can check their results on the Nios official website. The Final pass marks sheets are sent to students by the Nios board by post.

If the candidate appeared for the exam is not satisfied with the result, they can also apply for rechecking or re-evaluation of the subject or subjects. The Nios board charges nominal fees for all this process, and students can apply online on the official Nios website.

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Nios Admission 2022-2023 Delhi for Nios 10th Class admission and Nios 12th class Admission

 Nios Admission 2022- Complete Information 


Nios board the National Institute of Open Schooling is a board established by the Government of India with an objective of education to every section of Indian Society. The main focus is for school Drop out students who were unable to continue their school education.

Students who want to join school education can apply for Nios admission as the Admissions for 2022-2023 sessions are going on. Students can check here all about the Nios Admission details.

Nios Admission Eligibility

Students who want to join the Nios board for class 10th and class must check the eligibility criteria before starting the online Nios Admission. Following are the eligibility conditions for admission in class 10th and class 12th Nios board.

  • For 10th Class admission, Students who fail in class 8th or 9th Can apply. Also, the students without any formal education can apply who have attained an age of 14 years on 31 March.
  • For 10th Admission in Nios board, students must have passed class 10th from any recognized board with a year gap. If a student has passed the class 10th board exam this year, then they can also apply for Nios 12th Class admission, but in the next year, a student can appear in Nios board public exam to a maximum of 4 subjects, and the balance one or two subjects in the next year. In other words, the fresh 10th class students can also apply for 12th Admission in Nios board, but they can complete it in two years.

Nios Online Admission Process for Class 10th 12th

All the admissions for the Nios board are accepted only through the Nios Online Admission portal. There is no option for offline entry on the Nios board. Students who want to apply for Nios 10th Class or Nios 12th Class Admission should have a valid email and phone number to start the Nios Online Admission Process.

To apply for Nios Board admission, the Student can visit the Nios official site, Admission section. Here the students have to register themself with details, and after this, the two one-time passwords are sent, one on mobile and another on email, to confirm the details. When students demonstrate the one-time passwords, then the Nios online admission form Opens, and students have to fill in all the details like mother name, father name address, Subjects to be taken, selection of AI center. In the end, students must check all the particulars and if they are correct, then click the submit button. Now students have to pay Nios admission fees either using Debit or Credit card or via net banking.

SubJects list of Nios board for Class 10th and Class 12th


Every Student applying for Nios Admission has to select at least five subjects, two languages, and the other three elective subjects. Also, there is an option to take a maximum of two additional subjects. Students who want to apply for the 10th class can check the Nios 10th class Subject list in our last Blog. Students applying for 12th Class admission can check the list of subjects below.


Hindi(301), English(302), Bangla (303), Tamil (304), Odia (305), Urdu(306), Gujarati (307), Sanskrit (309), Punjabi (310)


Mathematics (311), Home Science(321), Psychology(328), Geography(316), Economics(318), Business Studies(319), Painting (332), Data entry Operation(336)

Indian Knowledge Tradition

Veda Adhyan (345), Sanskrit Vyakaran (346), Bharatiya Darshan (347), Sanskrit Sahitya (348)


History (315), Physics (312), Environmental Science (333) Library and Information Science (339),


 Political Science (317), Chemistry (313), Military Studies (374), Mass Communication (335)


Accountancy (320), Biology (314), Military History (375), Introduction to Law (338),


Sociology (331), Computer Science (330), Physical Education and Yoga (373), Tourism (337).

 Students can apply for only one subject from Group C, D, E, and F.

Nios Admission Important Dates and Last Date

Nios board admissions are divided into two Blocks. Nios takes entry in block one for the Public exam in March/April and Block two admissions for the Public exam in September/October. Students applying for Nios Admission class 10th or class 12th must check all the dates carefully and the last admission date to avoid the late payment of Nios fees.

For Nios Stream 1 Block 1, the Important date for admission is

  • From 16 March - 31 July every year without late fees.
  • From 1 August - 15 August with a late fee of Rs. 200/.
  • From 16 August to 31 August with a late fee of Rs. 400/.
  • From 1 September. to 15 September with a late fee of Rs. 700/.

For Nios Stream 1 Block 2, the Important date for Nios 10th and Nios 12th admission is

  • From 16 September to 31 January with the nominal fees.
  • From 1 February to 15 February with a late fee of Rs. 200/.
  • From 16 February to 28 February with a late fee of Rs. 400/.
  • From 1 March to 15 March with a late fee of Rs. 700/.
Students can apply for Nios board admission by looking for Nios near me. They can get expert advice like subject’s selection, Nios Tma (Tutors Marks Assignment) Submission, and Nios coaching classes for the Nios board.

Nios Admission Nios online admission Nios Admission last date Nios 10th Class Admission Nios 12th class admission Nios on Demand exam Open school admission Open School 10th class Open School 12th class Admission 10th Open form last date 12th Open form last date

Nios Admission - A Solution to the school dropout Students

NIOS ADMISSION 2023-2024 for Classes 10th 12th The Schooling system remained the same for a long time. The student should join in Elementary...